How to Use Style and Select in Figma

style and select

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If you click a style in the right sidebar, the selected layer or objects apply that style. You can also choose a color from the swatches, or enter a hex code. You can also use the contextual menu to set the type of stroke or fill, and add or modify a pattern.

When a layer has a layer style applied, an icon is displayed in the Layers panel to show the name of that layer style. You can move, duplicate, or delete the layer style. You can also copy and paste styles between layers.

You can also create custom layer effects, and apply them to any layer or object in the document. If you create a custom layer effect, you can save it as a preset style for future use. You can also edit and reuse inherited layer styles.

To create a new style, click the Styles panel icon in the Options bar, or select the Create New Style button from the Layer Style dialog box. Name the style and set your desired settings, and then select OK. You can also rename a style by selecting it in the Styles panel and choosing Rename Style from the dialog box.

In the right sidebar, you can see every local style in the document, grouped by type: text styles, color styles, and effect styles. You can also create folders to organize your local styles. You can drag a style to change its place in the list, or press Shift and click multiple non-adjacent styles to move them to another position in the list or into a folder.

In addition, you can change the order of styles in the list by dragging them up and down. You can also expand or collapse groups of styles in the panel by clicking the triangle or inverted triangle.

When you open a file that contains styles in another location, Figma will prompt you to import those styles into the current document. You can also import a library of preset styles from a separate file by choosing Load Styles from the Styles panel menu or from the Layer Style dialog box menu.

When a style is collapsed in the panel, an indicator turns pink to indicate that it overrides inherited styles at smaller breakpoints. You can click any pink indicator to reset and remove the override. You can also use the Inheritance menu to view and edit inherited styles from parent elements or global tags, including combo classes.

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