About Us

Kohlsspringcollections makes it easy and affordable to step into spring style with fresh, inspiring looks from premium country and exclusive labels.

The kohlsspringcollections aims to bring you the latest home and fashion trends!

Key Fashion Trends

Wink of Pink: Fall in love with wink of pink by mixing and matching shades of peachy melon, sugary pastel, and bright salmon.

MODERN MUSE: Infused with simple silhouettes and retro-inspired elements. From black and white prints and tailored statement coats to bright color accents, this polished look is sure to wow.

Purely Pretty: Highlight femininity with ladylike details and flattering silhouettes. This soft aesthetic focuses on floral prints, eye-catching embellishments and luxurious fabrics.

Key Home Trends

Fresh: Fresh brings the beauty of nature indoors through botanical-inspired designs. Brighten up your home with floral prints, soft pastels and charming prints for a spring garden setting.

Industrial: Industrial adds sleek modern style to a home, incorporating factory-inspired accents for a chic, loft-style vibe. Combine a variety of textures such as reclaimed wood, metal details and distressed finishes for an eclectic balance.

Into the Deep: Create an oasis resort with a coastal feel. Complete the deep trend with calming blues and industrial textures like rope and wire.

Joyful Journey: Boldly decorate your home in the Joyful Journey trend. Mix rich colors, bright patterns and vibrant textures for an eye-catching experience. Transform any room with colorful geometric decor that easily appeals to this home trend.