Office Equipment Cad Blocks

office equipment cad blocks

Office equipment cad blocks are pre-drawn 2D representations of office furniture items that architects, designers and drafters use to create floor plans and designs for office spaces. They allow designers to save time by not having to draw each piece of furniture individually, and they can also be used to ensure consistency throughout a design.

Blocks are the building blocks of all AutoCAD drawings. They contain a definition of an object, its location (insertion point), scale and rotation. They are stored in a separate database file that can be accessed by other users, and they help to keep the overall drawing size down. Blocks are a key component of any CAD work, and it is important to be proficient with using them.

To create a new block, select the objects that you want to include in the block, and then pick the BLOCK command from the pulldown menu or icon. This opens the Block Editor, which looks like the image below. The first field that you need to fill in is the name of the block, and you can enter this information in the edit box or by using the Insert Block dialog.

Now that you have created the basic block, you can move it around in your drawing by selecting the Blocks tab and then picking the Orientate to Desk button. This will orient your computer to the desktop and allow you to use the mouse to drag it into position. Dynamic blocks are a great way to make modifying a drawing quick and easy, and there are many other types of Dynamic Blocks that you can use.

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